Tuesday, 22 May 2012

NEXT super star Courtney Brown

when you talk about upcoming star, she wouldn't be left out as she is making waves in the entertainment industry

Her name carries the soothing harmony of a singing stream. Lyrical singsong that speaks volumes about her latter-day dream that developed early enough. Take a pause that refreshes and say the name: COURTNEY NEKPEN NOSA-EHIMA, that’s who. Her stage name, Courtney Brown fits just perfectly into the symphony. Reason? Her passion for the colour brown goes beyond the realm of colours as it carries the magic that inspires her beyond the singing of it. So, call her, Courtney Brown and you are not wrong at all.
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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Is this a Human?????

Rihana brother, mother

Rihana bro
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funny pics

Dancing alanta
i so much love this pics, tell me what you think about the pics

Rihana's Pics in her new album

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Happy New month and workers day

Happy new month and workers day. wanna use this opportunity to apologies to you all for not being consistence in my blogging.
Am currently runing my first degree, so it has not being easy at all, promise to make out time for you guys, love you all